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Car wash & detailling service

Star Valeting is an independent business owned and operated by myself Nicholas Joyce, serving Plymouth and the South Hams area. My aim is to provide a friendly, reliable, professional and quality service.

All work is carried out at your convenience through the ‘Come To You’ service using only the finest industry recognised premium products. Operating six days a week I am able to come to you at your convenience.

The Best Car Wash
  • 250 litre water tank
  • 240v generator
  • Pressure washer
  • Wet-n-dry vacuum
  • Full range of professional valeting and detailing products
Contacting Us

I pride myself in service to the highest of standards, paying attention to detail with many happy and returning customers.

My knowledge, specialist products, attention to detail and standard of work sets Star Valeting apart from your local car wash.

Our Process

We know your time is valuable
  • 1. Booking
  • 2. Inspection
  • 3. Valuation
  • 4. Completion


Which wash is the best for your vehicle?


    • Small Size Car
    • Medium Size Car
    • Large Size Car
    • 4x4
    • Pickup Truck
    • Van
    • ★ Valet
      £ 10 00
      • Exterior
      • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
      • Pre-Rinse
      • Hand Shampoo Wash
      • Chamois Dry
    • ★★ Valet
      £ 20 00
      • Exterior
      • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
      • Pre-Rinse and Wash
      • Hand Shampoo Wash
      • Chamois Dry including Door Shuts
    • ★★★ Valet
      £ 35 00
      • Exterior
      • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
      • Pre-Rinse and Wash
      • Hand Shampoo Wash
      • Chamois Dry including Door Shuts
      • Spray Polish
      • Tyres Dressed
      • Glass Cleaned
      • Interior
      • Remove Litter
      • Full Vacuum
      • Interior Polished
      • Glass Cleaned
    • ★★★★ Valet
      £ 55 00
      • Exterior
      • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
      • Hand Shampoo Wash
      • Chamois Dry including Door Shuts
      • Tar Removed
      • Hand Polish
      • Dress all Trim and Tyres
      • Glass Cleaned
      • Interior
      • Remove Litter
      • Full Vacuum including Boot
      • Full Interior Cleaned (including seats and carpets)
      • Roof Lining Cleaned
      • Odour Deodorizer
      • Interior Polished
    • ★★★★★ Valet
      £ 75 00
      • Exterior
      • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
      • Pre-Rinse and Wash
      • Hand Shampoo Wash
      • Chamois Dry including Door Shuts
      • Tar Removed
      • Hand Polish (entire car)
      • Hand Wax (entire car)
      • Dress all Trim and Tyres
      • Glass Cleaned
      • Interior
      • Remove Litter
      • Full Vacuum including Boot
      • Full Interior Cleaned (including seats and carpets)
      • Roof Lining Cleaned
      • Odour Deodorizer
      • Interior Polished
    • Interior
      £ 35 00
      • Head Lining Cleaned
      • Plastics Cleaned
      • Dash Polished
      • Shampoo Seats & Carpets
      • Leather Shampooed & Conditioned
      • Windows Cleaned & Polished
      • Boot Hoovered & Shampooed
      • Fully Hoovered


``Paint rectification/correction process in order to get the paint looking its best i.e. free from swirl marks, scratches and other blemishes``
Enhancement Detail from £250
The enhancement detail is designed to clean, decontaminate and enhance your vehicles all round appearance. This service will permanently remove between 60-80% paint defects and swirl marks. This will consist of a stage 1 machine and then a layer of wax once completed to protect the end result.

  • Pre wash
  • Snow foam wash
  • Non acidic wheel wash
  • Full pressure wash rinse
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Engine bay washed
  • Lambs wool mitt wash – 2 bucket method
  • Full pressure rinse
  • Tar removed
  • Iron Fallout remover applied
  • Full microfiber towel dry
  • Full vehicle clay barred
  • 1 stage machine polish
  • Paintwork cleansed to remove residue
  • Full vehicle wax applied
  • Wheels Protected
  • Glass treatment applied
  • Engine bay dressed
  • Metal/Exhaust polished
  • Tyres dressed

New Car Protection from £150
Just got that new car and think it’s clean? Think again, not all dealerships clean the cars to the level Star Valeting will. It’s unlikely they will seal and protect it either. If you’ve just bought a new car, you should consider a New Car Protection detail.

  • Citrus pre wash applied to wheels and lower half of vehicle, then rinsed at high pressure.
  • Engine Bay washed & finished with none silicone dressing/protectant
  • Clean wheels
  • Wheel arches pressure washed and dressed
  • Snow foam vehicle and left to dwell, then rinsed at high pressure
  • Vehicle washed using two bucket method, with shampoo & wax
  • Tar spots removed
  • Rinse off vehicle
  • Claybar vehicle paint and glass to remove bonded contaminants
  • Dry vehicle with ultra soft microfibre drying towels
  • High Grade Carnauba Wax applied to all painted surfaces
  • Paint Sealant applied to all painted work
  • Polish wheels and seal with Wax/Sealant coating
  • Dress Tyres
  • Exterior rubber and plastic trim dressed and protected
  • Clean/polish and protect all stainless steel and chrome
  • Windows polished and sealed with rain-X allowing sheeting for safer driving in wet conditions
  • Interior dressed, fabric and leather protected

Winter Protection from £85
Before Winter comes, it is time to get your car protected from the road salt and winter grime before that weather hits. This page lists the Winter Protection Valet package available now from Star Valeting.

This is a comprehensive valet, and covers every aspect of your car’s exterior.

This package protects your paintwork, it will also protect your wheel faces and glass. Your vehicle will be protected from the road salt and winter grime through the winter.

  • Wheels and arches cleaned thoroughly
  • Paintwork pre-washed, washed, clayed & tar spots removed
  • Final rinse and then dried
  • Paintwork polished with a pre-wax cleaner to enhance the finish, and prepare the paintwork ready for protection
  • A layer of sealant applied to the paintwork and alloy wheels & buffed off
  • Paintwork and wheels protected with a durable winter wax designed to give you around six months protection
  • Plastic trim dressed with a durable dressing that will protect for weeks and weeks, not days
  • Tyres dressed
  • Rain repellent applied

Full Interior Shampoo (seats & mats) – £25*
Soft Top Hoods Cleaned & Treated – £10*
Full Interior Leather Cleaned & Treated – £20*
Pet Hair Removal – £15*
Paint Work Clay Barred – £20*
Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed – £20*
Wax Protection – £35*
Snow Foam Wash – £10*
Full Machine Polish – £150*

* from

Trade / Fleet Vehicles

A regular valet program will keep your vehicles looking in premium condition

If you run your own business or are in charge of the company vehicles you will know the importance of having a clean fleet of vehicles, and the impression it makes on your customers. Here at Star Valeting we can take care of the complete cleaning and valeting of your company vehicles, cars and vans across Devon, and Cornwall. We can put together a service tailored to your requirements to keep your vehicles well maintained and looking good.

Experience tells us employees tend to treat a clean vehicle with more respect. Keeping your vehicles well maintained will mean they command maximum value when it comes to trading them in, and you’ll get maximum life out of your vehicle too. If you have made additions to your vehicles such as sign writing or van racking, talk to us about protecting and restoring their appearance prior to trading them in, so that you can maximise their trade-in value and the financial return to you.


We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours.

Organic products

Our products are eco-friendly and interior products are all organic. We use less than a gallon of water with absolutely zero-waste.

Experienced Team

Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equiped with equipment and supplies needed that we can deliver the best results.

Great Value

We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs. We offer a premium service while saving your time and money.

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Our customers love us
  • Sent them a request via message and got reply very quickly, turned up when they said they would and did a great job. Very impressed with the price for quality of work and would recommend to anyone . Cheers guys

    Andy Palmer
    Volkswagen Golf
  • Got my clubman back it looks amazing thank you x

    Louise Marshall
    Mini Clubman
  • My car had a water leak and the back foot well was flooded and the whole car had gotten really damp and mouldy. Star Valet were brilliant and gave it a really deep clean and completely got rid of the puddle in the back. Looks as good as new! Thank you Will be using again for the exterior

    Kirsty Hill
    Ford Focus
  • Great service looking forward to seeing how the transporter turns out when it goes in for its full valet!

    Lewis Payne
    Volkswagen Transporter

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